Friday, January 24, 2014

Labor of Love- Baby Nursery

When I found out that I was having a girl, my first thought was- What am I going to do with her room? After 12 years of having boys, I was now given permission to incorporate pink into my world. What a wonderful feeling! So I went to the mecca for all ideas and inspiration...Pinterest. Here is the finished project. 

It was challenging because everything I wanted either unavailable in a store or was very expensive. As a result, I took on a lot of diy projects to cut the cost, but not the cuteness.  
We are currently renting our house, so I was hesitant about painting the walls. My solution was an accent wall of polka dot decals from Land of Nod.

This quilt was a made by my dear friend, Anita. I gave her this tutorial and she nailed it. 
Money saving tip- for my gallery wall, I bought a couple frames at Goodwill and spray painted them white. I would much rather spend $3 on a frame and do a little work than $20. The artwork was a combination of Ikea, the YSL coloring book, Oh Joy!, and my work.

The Eames rocking chair was a screaming deal from I pulled out my sewing machine to make the garland

I had a hard time finding a mobile that I liked, so I ended up making one based on this tutorial. The materials were less than $7 as opposed to buying one for about $40.

The lovely and talented Aubrey Stewart made the lil' buns banner. Isn't it adorable? 
Money saving tip- Instead of buying books, I simply watercolored some paper in the colors of the room and used them to cover some old books.

The blocks and giraffe were another diy project. The key when painting blocks is a lot of painters tape for straight lines and a little patience. I found a giraffe like this for $15 on etsy. My cost was $3.

The entire process of planning Lilly's nursery was a fun challenge. As much as I loved all the details, I kept thinking that something was missing but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. When I came home from the hospital, I immediately brought Lilly to her room and showed her around. I laid her in her crib, took a step back and realized that she was the missing piece. Lilly was the little crown jewel of this labor of love. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing Lilly's room as much as I enjoyed making it.

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  1. Lovely post. Linaya! Creative use of the frames and spray painting them white. My mom has also done that before on clay pots she had from the 90's. I've got to admit that I always was inspired and a bit envious of the styles you had when we were in school together! All during our teens attending Capital you had such ingenious idea's for fashion.