Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NYE on a budget

For many, NYE includes a fantastic bash complete with special occasion dresses and confetti falling from the ceiling. To the rest of us who have kids, no sitters, and a small budget, listen up.

Our family has decided to stay in for dinner. This is a night that we want to feel fancy without a lot of spending. For just under $10, my table is sparkly and festive without breaking the bank. Here's the breakdown:

Dollar Tree:
3 Hats
2 sets of horns
1 set of crowns
2 sunglasses
1 white plastic table cloth
Total- $9

1 sheet of sparkly black construction paper
Total- $0.25

All for a grand total of $9.25

I decided to make the color scheme gold, silver, black, and white. It's very classic NYE.

Using my paper cutter, I made a lot of triangles to add a cool, graphic pattern to the table.

I'm extremely excited to wear these sunglasses. How cute are these?

Happy New Years! 

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  1. Looks like a Fabulous time to me! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing...and HAPPYNEW YEAR BLESSINGS! B&B