Monday, September 13, 2010

Asian Moms Know Best

It was your average Saturday night. As part of Bryce’s prep for bed, he took a bath and I sat in the bathroom to keep him company (all very typical). The calm before the storm, some would say. Suddenly out of left field, Bryce hit me with:

Bryce- Mom, what is sex?
Me- Uhhh...
Bryce- I know that there are two types of sex. One is where you are either male or female. The other is the love between a Mommy and Daddy, right?
Me- Yes, that’s right. Who told you this? (Remind me to thank them with a muffin gift basket later)

Time out!!! Let’s get a few things straight- I wasn’t expecting this conversation for another year or two. In addition, I did not envision myself being the one delivering “the talk”. Okay, back to the dialogue.

Me- Well, yes.
Bryce- Do you and Daddy have sex?

Holy crap, he went for the jugular on this one. Not only was I being asked to define sex, I had to explain my personal involvement. Red Alert! SOS! Gosh, anything, just help me! I was at a crossroads. I could tell my son the truth, make up a happy lie, or change the subject. I quickly weighed my options and proceeded.

Me- Uhhh... Are you excited about having pasta salad for dinner tomorrow?
Bryce- Do you and Daddy have sex?
Me- Um, yeah. But aren’t you excited about Momma making pasta salad?
Bryce- Oh yes! I can’t wait. (Then he starts talking about his love for pasta salad)

Yeah, that’s right- I changed the subject. Don’t judge me; I did what any good Asian mother would do. If I have learned nothing from my culture, it’s that if you don’t know what to say, then say something vague so it redirects the conversation. What would you have done?