Friday, November 4, 2011

Black and White TV? As If!!!

The other day, Bryce asked me if TV was in black and white when I was a kid. I laughed to myself and thought, "Geez, how old do you think I am?" After much reflection, I guess in his eyes, I am pretty old school. Below are a couple things that were at the height of technology when I was a kid:

Sony Discman- This changed everything about music for me. I was able to actually walk around AND listen to music at the same time. However, don't go running with that thing, because it was so sensitive to skipping.  I can't believe this, but these things are still available to sale for up to $150! 

Rabbit Ears- Were you like my family where if you the reception wasn't good, you would add tin foil to the ends of the antennas? Low tech at its best! I remember being the one in the family who had to get up and move the rabbit ears around when the reception went haywire. I would get it perfect, then when I let go of the ears, it would get funky again! Seriously?

Rotary phone- Okay, I'll admit it. Rotary phones were way old, even in the 80's. However, we used those for the longest time. I remember my friends coming over and asking how to use the phone when they had to call their parents. It took us forever to finally upgrade to a phone with an answering machine. I wish I still had a rotary phone; they're so cool.

Speak and Spell- This thing taught me how to spell and add. This was definitely the precursor to the laptop. Not to mention, it would talk to you! I can still hear the robot voice saying, "Solve it!"

Motorola bag phone- Remember the phone in a bag? Man, I thought we were so cool with that thing. The phone itself was weight of a brick and the battery packs were like 2 bricks. This phone was for emergencies only! As for talk time, I'm sure it was about $10 per minute.

What was the big thing when you were a kid?