Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

My birthday is on a leap year, which means my actual day (February 29th) comes once every 4 years. I'm not one for getting excited for my birthday on the off years. However, on a leap year, I'm giddy like a little kid. I'm turning 8 this year (32 in human years) so I've compiled a list of 32 things I'd like to accomplish by the next actual birthday:
  1. Make a batch of french macarons.
  2. Go on an overseas missions trip.
  3. Have Baby #3.
  4. Potty train Baby #3.
  5. Run more half marathons.
  6. Grow my hair out long. Not Crystal Gayle long, but long.
  7. Start selling my artwork.
  8. Make Thanksgiving dinner.
  9. Keep both the inside and outside of my car clean for at least a week.
  10. Memorize more of the Bible.
  11. In my car, keep a couple of ziploc bags packed with essentials that I can hand out to homeless people I see on the street. It would have stuff like a bottled water, travel shampoo, and a toothbrush in it.
  12. Take a tour of the Las Vegas Neon Museum.
  13. Properly flip an omelette.
  14. Learn to read music.
  15. Start using eye cream at night. (sorry Mom, I'm still not doing it.)
  16. Eat at French Laundry in Yountville, Ca.
  17. Catch a ride on a Caribbean cruise.
  18. Go to a Second Saturday in Sacramento.
  19. Ride a hot air balloon. 
  20. Jump on a giant trampoline.
  21. Grow an herb garden.
  22. Eat more deep fried whatever at the State Fair.
  23. Get Michelle Obama arms. Dang girl!
  24. Grow my blog following (hint hint)
  25. Calendar times to call my friends who I don't see a lot. (and actually call them)
  26. Yell in a library. 
  27. Dance for no reason in a very public place.
  28. Try every flavor of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory. I'm so close to accomplishing this one.
  29. Not cringe when I tell people my age.
  30. Go to a county fair.
  31. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day.
  32. Become famous, multi-platinum rapper. It could happen.

1 comment:

  1. I would totally join you for some of those!! And try every flavor of cheesecake...dang girl! I always stick to what I know to be the very best...Adam's peanut butter ripple!